Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Inspirational - Instinto de vestir

Hello lovelies,
Recently I discovered this amazing fashion blogger Alana Ruas and she is gorgeous!
Her style is really an inspiration for me ! 
I found a video with a lot of her outfits, so you can see what kind of taste she has
and if you like her, then you can go to her blog here
What do you think of her ? 

Look- Black and White

Hello lovelies, 
Here's the full look of today :) I was in the Black and white mood :) 
Now I'm off to my grandparents for a yummie dinner 
Do you like the outfit? 

Leather Jacket from H&M, Top from Zara, Pants from Zara and Shoes from Bronx
Earrings from River Island and Cuff from H&M

Look- preview

Hello lovelies,
Here's a preview of what I'm wearing today, the rest I will show you tonight or tomorrow
But I need your advice and support, I have to go to the hairdresser at 14.30 and I do not know what to do, I think I will get my hair trimmed and redo my layers a bit, but for the rest I want it to look like Nicole Scherzinger's hair, So I reallllyy hope that they do not cut to much of it! 
Let's hope so!
I will show you the result tomorrow or even maybe today :) 

Love it when the time finally comes

Hello lovelies!
I'm writing this now whitout any feelings of guilt knowing that actually I have to be studying, and that I just have to do nothing ( of course I still have to things but you know what I mean :p ) 
and I'm so happy that we stopped with the exams on monday cause that means that I kinda also have the rest of the week of vacation and next week , and then the second semester starts. 
So now it is time for me to sit back and relax and enjoy life ! 
Plans for today are walking with the doggie , going to the hairsalon ( I do not want to but it is really necesarry :( ) and go to the back and tonight i'm gonna have a nice dinner with my family and my grandparents !
Hope you all also enjoy your week! 

Golden earrings from River Island ( they remind me of cleopatra , I do not know why but they do) 

Monday, January 30, 2012

HAPPY - Last one

Finally my last day of exams has arrived!
I still have to do one at 15.30 so wish me Luck ladies! 
and then it is all OVER ( for now at least :p ) 
Here you can see how happy I am :) 
hope you all have an awsome monday and I will talk to you when I finished my LAST exam!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Looks - What's your favourite?

Here are some looks of the month Januari 
Two with bare leggs (you can add a pair of panties ofcourse) and then two with my favourite "fake leather" pants from the zara and the same silky top from River Island. 
Which one is your favourite ???


Hello lovelies,
I just discovered shoemint ( I know maybe I'm late :) ) and I really like the shoes.
These are my favourites. I really like Rachel bilsons style so I was really suprised when she came out with this shoeline, and It is also designed by Steve Madden which is also a huge plus!
I think you have to submit yourself as a member and then once in a while you will get a mail with the new shoes they came out with and you can order them.
The only thing that I do not like about this concept is that they do not ship internationally so I can't order these shoes , and I would really love to. :( 
So if you live in America you are the lucky ones, and I would definatelly go for it!
what do you think of it ? 

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Too late...

Hello sweeties,
I'm so tired from today , it is all becoming a little bit too much 
I will be so happy if the exams will finally be over in 2 days! 
I'm planning on going to London with a good friend maybe, so hopefully that will hapen
Here are some more pictures of the tunic I love from the Urban outfitters, I really like to wear it with  this bra cause it give a nice vibe to it :p without being slutty.
Now i'm gonna get ready for bed and cuddle into it !!!
Sweet dreams

Ice and snow

 Dress from Asos
Cuts in the front and also in the back 
also available in 4 different colours


Dress also from Asos with back zipper
Gorgeos radiant blue
Perfect for spring/summer with a nice 
glowy tan 
(also available in white)


Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday nights ...

Hello lovelies,
I'm going to the shopping center !!!!!! whii something different then studying all the time
I'm gonna stop by the mac again :p and to a drugstore and the planet perfume and then maybe som clothing store, that depends on the time!
I hope you all enjoy your friday night and if you have exams , then STOP studying right now!!! 
We do not study at a friday night :p 
Ps: I filmed another style diary today so you can check that out on my channel

Lipstick from Mac a frost in Costa chic, earrings from Mango 

Costa chic

Hello lovelies, 
Here's the lipstick that I bought yesterday from Mac
It's a frost colour in the shade Costa Chic , On the pictures you can't really tell but it is actually a corally orangy coulour, but it looks pink , but I'll try to maybe upload an ohter picture if you want that
Today it is AGAIN a study day but it is for my LAST exam ! Still 3 more day to go and then it is over!
My friend and I are also planning on going to London but we are not sure yet, but I hope it will work
Enjoy your day and I will talk to you later!

Double ring from Steve Madden 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Look - Raspberry

Hello lovelies,
Just got back from my second last exam of civil wrights , still one to go !
I had to take the exam at half 2 so i decided to take some pictures before I left, 
This is what I wore my new silky top from River Island wiht my favourites bag of the moment from Frits&Company and then my rocker"ish" booties and for my lips, I played it up a little with wearring just a little bit of Raspberry ( Lipstick from Clinique) I found it really pretty if you just dapp a little on your lips and rub your lips togheter and then it isn't to intense and really subtible. 
You should give it a try and step out your comfort zone , you would be suprised :) 
O and actually I bought a new lipstick from Mac today it's a Frost in the colour Costa Chic a really nice peach colour , I will show you pictures tomorrow! 
Enjoy you evening! 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

When it becomes to much

Hi lovelies, 
Do you like seeing my face so many times and upclose haha :p 
I just wanted to get a good picture to show the earrings, but it didn't really worked. But I still like the result
I got these earrings from the Forever21, and I really like them to wear when I have a sleekback ponytail or even with my hair loose. You can't really tell on the picture but they are really long and definatelly a statement piece! 
What do you think? 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

You gotta change it up sometimes - Header

Hello lovelies,
Do you see a difference?? :)I changed up my header, cause I thought it needed some change,
Now when you come on my blog you immediatelly know that this blog is about Fashion,Make-up, photography and all that stuff, cause before you really needed to scroll down cause you could only see my blogname. I only didn't managed to put my E-mailadres in it but I will put it somewhere in ther right info bar, So if you have any business related questions you can always contact me at!
So I hope you all like the change , comment if you do :) 
Now I'm off to my beddiebed :) 
Sweet dreams

Everybody needs a chance of Love

Hello lovelies, 
You never can get enought accesoiries on :) 
I played a little bit with my gold ones , I love them! 
What do you prefer Gold or zilver ? 
Ps: I'm wearing my bikini top from H&M if you are wondering :) 

Bracelet, small ring from H&M, double ring from Forever 21, Earrings from River Island

Monday, January 23, 2012

Sugar Challenge??

Hello lovelies, 
This is a picture that I took during last summer, and look how healty and thin I looked, 
now I feel not that energetic and "alive" as then if you know what I mean and I really want to feel that way again ! 
SO I have decided to start my Journey to a healthy lifestyle ! 
And this time i'm gonna stick to it, cause I know that we ( women) can make a lot of excuses up to still eat that delicious cookie that is screaming our names ! :) 
It's really time to make it happen ! 
So this week we start with a SUGARFREE week , so from today till next tuesday NO sugar and ofcourse all the other bad food , like fastfood, ... 
and then next week I will add a next challenge for you and me ! 
 Comment in the commentsection and we will conquer the cookies togheter! 
So are you in ??

Look - Comfy Dressed Up

Hi lovelies, 
Here's a new look, this one was inspired by going out, but still being really comfertable,
You can where this to a club, or just to go to dinner or when you go out with your friends ,
The top that i'm wearing I bought today at the River Island , it's a silky flesh toned top and I love silky tops cause they always look a little bit more dressed up and still they are sooo comfy!!
I made it a little bit more dressier by adding a Clucth and a gold cuff and my favourite black gold zipper wedges but you can also switch the wedges for some pumps or ballet flats ( in the summer :p ) 

Here are the other stuff that I bought today at H&M and The River Island  
Enjoy ! 

It's all about the accesoiries

Hello lovelies,
Back from the Exam!!!! I hope it went O.K , it was difficult though but yeah we will have to wait and see, after my exam I went to do a quick shopping spree, cause since  I was already in Antwerp and I had to wait for my bus so I thought why not :) ? So  I stopped by the H&M and the River Island and got me some really nice accesoiries and a nice silky top , I will show you guys tonight or tomorrow 
So look out for that, cause now it's time for me to study AGAIN !! 
Wrights Here I come :) 

Bag from Pull and Bear, Wallet from River Island, Earrings and bracelet from New Look, ring Forever 21 

I'm blue dabedidabedada...

Hello lovelies,
The title is very appropiate cause I think I will be blue tomorrow of the stress!! 
As I post ( preposted it) this I will be sitting in a big aula and taking my big fat exam of Informatics of 40 Multiplechoices questions Waah ! The thaught of it kills me already :p 
Wish me luck!! 

Ring from Forever 21, bracelet from New Look 

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Look- Rocker chic

Hello lovelies, 
Just posted this new OOTD video on my channel 
more video's here
Do you like it ?? 

We all have it in a way

Hello my lovelies!! 
Here are some inspirational pics of my room and some of my favorite perfumes
On the right we have LOLA by Marc Jacobs ( It came with a mine size isn't that sooo CUTE!!!) 
In the middle DAISY by Marc Jacobs and on the left we have Loverdose by DIESEL ( check a few post under this one for a maybe giveway :) !! ) and then we have the lipgloss Bubble from Mac 
It came with 2 creamsheen glasses and 2 dazzle glasses and I love them , the colours are so neutral and coraly love it! 
What do you think? and what is your favourite perfume?

Saturday, January 21, 2012


Hello lovelies, 
Here are some black LDB that got my attention !!! 
I reaaaally like the second one and the fourth , so maybe when i get my mastercard I will order one of them online , you can find them all on asos , they have amazing clothes LOVE it!! 


Hello lovelies, 
I really wanted to show and talk about this new perfume I got for Christmas and New Year
It's called LOVERDOSE from DIESEL and I love it! It's smells soo yummie and flirty so now I hope that the guys will notice it too :p and I love the packaging to , it's a cristal looking bottle in the shape of a heart. The funny thing is that I first bought the small size for myself before Christmas but I forgot that I also added it to my christmas list, so for christmas I got the big size! 
So now i want to a giveway to  my readers and viewers on youtube, 
Sooo First I want to achieve 40 followers on my blog and 100 subscribers on my channel and then I will do a giveway. So if you can get me to help to achieve it please leave a comment with who you got to follow me and I will add you to the maybe winners list :) 
SO CHOPCHOP let's go to it LOL :) 
now it's time for me to return to my books ! :( 

Perfume Diesel Loverdose , earrings Aldo , lips Clinique Raspberry

Friday, January 20, 2012

Look- Rocker Lace

Get the look 

Hello lovelies,
Last look that I posted was the Girly Lace so now it's the turn of the "Rocker" lace :)
I just recently bought this new LBD from H&M and I think it is perfect when you wanna go out and look hot but not to slutty and girly , it has a strong vibe to it ( hah if you know what I mean) 
Yesterday I saw that they still have it at H&M so check it out if you like it! 
What do you think ?? 

Clutch/bag from Berska, Peeptoe Heels from Sac d'Anvers, Bracelet from New Look 

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Hello lovelies!
Today I finally had my Accountancy exam , it was sooo nervwracking but yeah we will see how it turns  out, hope for the best! So after my exam i first had to go back to Antwerp to take a bus there to my village, so i stopped by Lush and bought a new shampoo called REHAB I have already tried it in the past and I really liked it, so if you have long and dry hair, you should definately try it out! 
I got it for 16.95 euros.
Do you like this outfit?? 
Ps: check my youtube channel out if you want here 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Let it flo...

More studying!! 
Tomorrow i have my exam, a little nervous already, so today i will make excercises and more and more ... 
Hope you all have a better day then me :) 

Bracelet from New Look, earrings from Aldo and Lipsick from Clinique Raspberry

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Look - Girly lace

Hi Girls, 
I'm sooo happy to post a new style post for you guys, I hope you like it as well!! 
I decided to wear a nice tunic/dress from The Urban Outfitters and i paired it with my favourite new Black gold zip up wedges, and New bag from Frits&Company Love it ! 
For accesoiries i'm wearing my gold earrings from Aldo and a bracelet/cuff from New Look 
And to complete the look i took a double ring from Forever 21 to make it a little more edgier. 
What do you think, do you like it ???

Shoes from Fashionista ordered on Amazon for 24£

And we keep on going ...

Hello lovelies, 
Just a quick update , i'm still studying for accountancy wiih !
Just a quick peek in an outfit , tonight i will give you the full look! 
Have a nice day 

Monday, January 16, 2012

Sweet Dreams

Today i finally had my second exam of economics, hope it went well! 
Now i have 2 days left to study for accountancy tjjeez i'm nervous! 
Wish me luck ! 
and sleep tight

Mirror from Urban Outfitters , Camera Canon Eos 550D, Raspberry Clinique


Hello lovelies, 
Recently i got a new LBD, it's one of THE essential pieces that every girl should own in their closet! 
I got this one at the H&M and it has kind of a leather material at the top , but you can't really tell on the pictures cause they are really unsharp but i needed to post something so i had to use my bad camera but i will be posting more pictures taken by my canon eos 550d soon ,so look out for that!
The dress was 39.99 euros O and I forgot about the shoes :) I got these black wedges from Shoefashionista from it really and I LOVE them , they are black and have two zippers, one gold one which is fake and the other one is black and you can use this one! 
So if you are interested be sure to check 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Time to do it over again ...

Hello Lovelies,
Just wanted to share a quick style video with you , I already had this on my youtube channel, but since i know that some of my readers don't know of my channel or only want to see fashion and style i thought that i post this video also here
It's my style diary 3 on accesoiries, so if you like this one, you can also check mine other 2 out on
hope you like it

Saturday, January 14, 2012


Hi there,

Here's a new inspirational post ! Just found this on tumblr , and i also have been following here for a year now and i love her style and personality you can find her on I think
I just love this photo's what do you think??

Fresh start

Hello my lovelies,
Here's to a good start :) of my blog, healthy lifestyle and good exams :)
These are my import to do numbers of the moment!
I want to keep on blogging regulary , start with my healthy "diet" and study hard and harder for my exams! I want to dare you guys to come along with me and start from this day with cutting the candy and bad food for 4 weeks and next week I will give you guys a new one :)
Deal ??

Dress from Zara, Shoes from Sac d'Anvers, Lips Revlon coral berry , ring H&M

Friday, January 13, 2012

If you don't try, you'll never know

Hi girls,
I just wanted to say i'm sorry that I haven't posted any blogpost and pictures but that's cause i have been really busy and i know that's alwyas the excuse of bloggers and gurus and all that, but it really is, cause it takes some time to first decide what to post , put a oufit or some togheter and take photos and then put them on the computer, maybe edit and then post them.
(okay if i write it like this it really doesn't sound that difficult LOL)
But it does take some time, and now i'm really busy with my exams. Cause as some of you may know I started my first year at the university (studying applied economics) so it has been very heavy! During my christmas break i had to study for two weeks, every single day and last friday i had my first exam, so now i still have 5 to go ( till january 30) so still 3 weeks to go! Wish me luck
But if you want to hear and see a little bit from me I have prefilmed some video's on youtube so you can check my channel out if you want  Here
and i will try to regulary post some more on my blog starting today !
But when my exams are over i will definately get back cause i really have missed blogging cause it is also an inspirational and relaxing thing for me ..
Hope you all keep on supporting and thank you so much for sticking with me !