Sunday, July 31, 2011

Don't you just love Steve

Hello my lovelies! 
It is just terrible that it almost has been a week since i've updated my blog! so bad! 
but i 've been so busy with work and seeing my friends ! 
yesterday i had my last day of work and afterwards i went to a barbecue from one of my best friends Jolien ! and it was sooo yummie and we had a really nice time! 
I love my class and my friends so much! I really am gonna miss them next year! 
Anyway i just wanted to show you guys my ring From Steve Madden! it is a double ring and it is just gorgeous!! 
love it! 

Monday, July 25, 2011

It can be worth it

Update monday 
that's what it is today ! I alsmost forgot it, so today is the day that i'm really gonna start with my healthy lifestyle , i really hope that i can keep it up , so get you diary's ready and let's get started! 
but remember we are not gonna starve ourself it's just to eat healthy and feel great and energised ! 
that's my goal! 
wish me luck ! 

Hello sunshine

Hello lovelies !
Today the sun finally came out , so i sat outside a while and went through some magazines ! 
here you can see my new bikini that i got from the H&M for only 14.95 euros ! 
of course you shouldn't pair it with killerheels , but i was taking also other pictures and i still had them on so that's why . 
tomorrow i'm gonna go back to work and hopefully buy my steve madden dreamshoes :) 

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Spotted @ Steve Madden

Aren't they gorgeous!! 
Yesterday i saw a bunch of my friends and one of them had these shoes on , and i was sooo jealous! But i already spotted them a few months ago , when i was shopping with a friend , i think even that i already posted them on this blog! But the best part is that there is a Steve Madden store two stores next to the Store where i work ! AND there are also sales now they are only 50euros's ! next tuesday i'm gonna pick them up, when i have a break of my work!! 

Are you down for spain !

Heloo ! 
I just woke up , with an amazing feeling! last night i went out with my friends , and i saw some friends from my high school which was really really nice! AND today i'm going to plan my vacation to Spain with 5 friends of mine ! i'm so excited ! 
In this picture i'm wearing an outfit that you can wear on a night out or even in the day ( but than maybe you should wear some flats or sandals ! ) 

T-shirt from Zara Women collection , Skirt from Vero Moda, Shoes from Men at work, Ring from Steve Madden 


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer goal(s)

Hello girls, 
so this is kinda of a different post cause i'm gonna tell you guys a goal that i really want to achieve , so last summer i decided to get more healtier and i did , and because of that i also lost a lot of weight , which was very nice to of course BUT the main thing that i noticed was that i was a lot happier and actif then before and then now, cause starting the winter i got a little out of control and ate unhealty and now i still do ! 
So now i really want to put an end to that and start tomorrow! 
so i 'm gonna try to eat a lot more healtier and a good way to control your eating habits is by writing down after every meal what you have ate that meal ! and it really works ! and i'm gonna use weight watcher cause it really helped me last time so i hope it will help me now to ! and i will do an update every monday with how much i've lost and if i already feel better and stuf!! so it is gonna be update monday ! 
so that is one of my biggest summer goal ! 
the other one is to go on a vacation with my friends to spain or something and one of my other goals is exercice very frequent ! 
wish me luck !!! 

Lazy song

Heloo there
Today i have a day off , normally some friends were coming over but they couldn't come because of the busses and stuff so now i feel exactly like the lazy song from Bruno mars , i'm just chilling in my bed doing nothing! feels good to do , but only for one day because then it gets boring ! 
but i did took some time to take some pictures and some video's for you guys ! 
In this picture i'm wearing a t-shirt that i got from the new collection from Zara Women 
the blue skirt is from Lisbon and the black skirt from Vero Moda ( which one do you guys prefer ? )
the heels are from Men at work 
The ring is from Steve Madden and the earring from New look 
Have an awsome day !!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I will love love you tonight

So i had a really good time in breda but i didn't end up buying anything at sephora :) 
I was really proud of myself ! but i did bought some shampoo's and stuff i talked about it in another video that you can see on my youtube channel , check it out if you want ! 
here's a nice make-up tutorial that i managed to do with only 2 eye shadows from M.A.C , hope you like it ! 
Tomorrow back to work ! 

Good morning

Good morning everyone 
today i'm going to breda and shop at the sephora jeej :)
have all an amazing day! 

Monday, July 18, 2011

Everyday i'm shuffelin

Heloo girlies!
i'm back ! sorry that i've been gone for a while but really busy with work and vacation :) 
today i went to the university and got myself inn! so now i'm officially a student at the university of antwerp ! how awsome is that :) and later on i had to go to work again , but tomorrow i'm free so i'm gonna go with my sister to breda and go shopping at the sephora , so excited 
and now i'm gonna go to bed goes i'm really exhausted ! 
speak to you tomorrow! 

Friday, July 15, 2011

River Island

here's the gorgeous t-shirt that i've been wanting to wear like in forever, and tonight i went with my sister to the movies and it was very nice outside , so i decided to wear it. 
what do you think? 
River Island 24.95 euros

now a little update on what i've been doing lately, i have worked a lot and shopped a lot :) 
not so good for my money i guess but yeah it so much fun !! 
and i also went to the movies with one of my best friends and had dinner with another friend , i have seen Bad Teacher and Fast Five in the cinema, both very good ! 
tomorrow i also have to work , but before work i'm gonna go shopping (again) with my sister and after i'm gonna go to a friends house and have some fun and drinks with a bunch of friends and then we are going to the desire ( a nightclub! ) i'm so excited!! 
Have a great weekend! 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Leave it all to me

Heloo gorgeous! 
Today i had my day  off, and i took it very easy by first a walk with the dog in the morning, then lay out by the pool but then i got cloudy so me and my mom went to a store called Gossip ( really pretty) 
and bought a new cardigan and a shirt! tomorrow it's gonna be working day ! but i have to work from 7.30-14.30 so then i still have some time let to go shopping and have dinner with one of my best friends :) 

Here are some pictures of me putting on red hot lipstick , i have posted a video on how to get the perfect luscious lips so go and check it out on 

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Outfits of the month june/juli

Here are all my recent outfits that i've posted! 
Which one do you guys prefer?

PS: the white and black dress is the dress that i wore on my graduation day ! :) 

Lucious red lips

Here's a tutorial on red lips !

Give me that

Helooo, had a good sunday ?? 
i did, really lazy and relaxing , finally after almost two weeks of work , i had the time to do nothing and just relax and have some fun , so i went driving again with my dad and it really went good :) and now i just had a barbecue with some family , really nice
tomorrow i have to work again from 12.30-18.30 so that will be busy , but i'm gonna buy some stuff that i already reseverd for myself :) a blazer and a really pretty top ! that's the fun part of this job
hope you all had a nice weekend 

Black or Grey

Hello girls 
goodmorning, it's sunday finally so today i have my day off!! :) i'm gonna drive today finally and tonight we're gonna have a barbecue with some friends of my parent , woop woop , let's hope that the sun will come out soon , so i told you guys that i bought a new blazer from Only, so here it is , it's the grey one 
I already had a black one so i also took some photo's with it , so now it is up to you guys to tell me which one you guys think fits me the best ! let me know 

Grey blazer from Only, Black blazer from Pull and Bear

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Hopefully the sun will come out

Hello there, 
here's my new pair of sunglasses , i know it is a little bit blurry but the other pictures weren't good as well so.. 
but in the middle it has a little piece of gold ,really pretty, only 7euro's at the C&A !

Friday, July 8, 2011

Wait till the night is yours

New in
Gorgeous double ring from the Urban Outfitters, I got it in sale for 10 euros which is really cheap for the urban outfitters :) 
do you like it ? 

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Just keep on moving when the lights are on

Hello girlies, 
so today i went shopping with two friends , and it was really fun  I bought a gray blazer, a new pair of sunglasses , a cup and i guess that's it , it wasn't much , but i didn't find anything else in the sales.
tomorrow i have to go work again :( but yeah i guess it will be fun. I hope that tonight i will have the time to take pictures of some things that i've recently bought and then i will definately show it to you ! 
here's already one outfit, the one shoulder trend is becoming more and more in again so here's my look 

Shirt from Street one, Skirt from Vero Moda, Blazer from H&M , Shoes from New Look , Cuff from New Look 

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sunday, July 3, 2011

A midsummer's nightdream

Hello lovelies! 
o i'm exhausted , worked all day from 10 - 7.30 !! way too long , and tomorrow it's the same ! 
but afterwards i'm meeting up with my friend evelien ! we have a lot to talk about! 
wednesday i have finally done early and thursday i have a day off! jippie! o and i got  a card with which i get 50% off! that's amazing right??  
here's another outfit for the nightime without legging, but you can also wear it during the day , but then you will have to wear leggings, cause it is a little short! 
see ya later, xoxo

Dress/top from Urban Outfitters, Heels from Men at work , racelet from New Look 

Friday, July 1, 2011

Love you like a love song ..

Hi there, i'm back from my first working day ! 
I worked in the vero moda ( it's a clothing store) i had really a very good day!! 
i had so much fun with the co-workers, and working with the clothes :) 
so tomorrow i will be back in the store
but now i'm gonna go and have dinner with my family for my graduation !
Have fun 

Leather pants H&M, top Zara , shoes Men at work , Cuff New Look