Thursday, June 30, 2011

Update 30/06

Hi there, 
quick update on what is going on :) so yesterday evening i had my graduation night, and i got my points and my degree!! i'm so happy, i finally finished high school for good, but i'm also sad, cause i'm gonna miss everybody so much, it had been six amazing years! but now i'm gonna start a whole new chapter on the university but first , summer , so today i already started, my niece came by and we took some pretty nice pictures, here is one :) 
and tomorrow i'm gonna start my summer job , i'm working in a store "the vero moda or Jack and Jones " 
really exited and nervous at the same time, so wish me luck! 

Enhance you inner beauty

I have been getting some questions about on how i do my make-up or which products i use, here are some products from M.A.C that i use very often , it are mostly all really neutral eyeshadows or just some necesities. because i do not like , very bold colours and make-up, cause i think that make-up is just for enhancing your own beauty and still be yourself!!
so if you have some questions on how to apply some things or just an opinion than just leave me a comment and i will be glad to help you guy! 

Liquid eye line Blacktrack, eye shadow duo, eye shadow base or highlighter Shell, paintpot, big bounce eyeshadow in gold and Tinted lip conditioner Petting pink 

Prom 2011 , best night of my life

As promised some pics of my prom , there are still more coming , but the photographer still has to put them up on a site , so we will have to wait for them, but they will definately come! 
it was the best night of my whole high school career! 
i wish it still had to come! 
I will miss everybody , especially my amazing class, i couldn't had wished for a better one!! 
Love you guys ! 

Monday, June 27, 2011

We can make it shine

These are the products that i've used for my make-up look if you wondered
I'll try to list them all 

Lipstick Gosh , Mascara Maybeline falsies, highlighter M.A.C Shell , Bronzer palet from too faced, Neutral eye palet from Too faced , Paintpot from M.A.C, Blacktrack eyeliner from M.A.C, Gosh eye primer , Cover up concealer from M.A.C, eyelash curler, Coastel scent palet 

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Prom make-up look

What doy you think? 
this is the make-up that i wanna do for my prom, i don't know if you can see it well, but i think it is gorgeous! 
and my mom, dad and sister agree :) 
and i also figured my hair out, but you can't see that in the picture, but i will definately show you the whole outfit after my prom!

Sweet hot strawberry lips

Strawberry lip balm from Rosebud
I saw that they had these in America and now they also have them in belgium
for all the Belgians out there ,you can buy it at the Ici Paris XL for 10.95 euros 
it's a nice subtile tint to it and it condition your lips really great, so soft
and i think it also has spf in it. 

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Little sneakpeak

My prom outfit 
ps: don't mind my hair and face, it was undone :) 


New bag and earring 
the clutch isn't actual a clutch it is more a wallet , but i'm gonna use it as a clutch for my prom , so excited
i have taken some pictures this morning of me in my prom dress ,with shoes and clutch , but do not mind the hair and the face please cause that wasn't done yer :) 
i will post them later on tonight and also some pictures of the awsome barbecue i had last night
first we thought it was gonna be so bad ( the weather) but then it was a blue sky and the sun came out (so hott) we stayed outside till 2 o'clock ( at nighttime) and then later me and 2 friends went to my place and saw Tangled and then we went to sleep at 4.30 :) and now i'm just back from a nice dinner with my grandparents ,sister and niece! so fun summertime is , awsome ! 
do you enjoy the summer ? 

Clutch from River Island, Earrings from New Look 

Friday, June 24, 2011

Senior Year is over baby

Olla bitches ! haha 
so i just am back from school, and we found out that we all passed !!!!!! 
so the whole 6th grade has made it through high school which is amazing!! 
so tonight i'am gonna celebrate it with a 18th birthday of one of my best friends , pictures will come later !! 
hope you guys all passed too and that you will have an awsome vacation/summer 
Let's party !!

PS: this outfit i wore yesterday to go shopping 
Top Urban Outfitters, Pants H&M, Cardigan H&M, Necklace Urban Outfitter, Ring H&M, Bag Pull and Bear 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

A little taste

Holaa, here's little preview of two things that i bought the last two days , the rest i will show you guys tomorrow , but now i'm really tired so i'm gonna go to bed, o and btw tomorrow i'm gonna know if i passed my senior year on high school aaaaaah !! 
I really hope i will, 
wish me luck!!

Purse from Pull and Bear, earrings from New Look , the glittery top from Zara evening basics 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Done done and done

AAAhh , i'm done with my exams !!! 
i wanna scream and shout it out, i'm sooooo happy , so today i had my last exam ever of high school ( I hope) 
( it was english ) and then i celebrated it with some drinks with my amazing class and then i went shopping! and i bought a cluth, two tops , two pair of earrings AND i saw the best prom shoes ever, i'm gonna buy them tomorrow when i'm gonna go shopping again with my friends :) 
it can feel so great freedom and the fresh smell of summer 
enjoy every second of it ...

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Inspiration pastel

This outfit has to stay in my mind to buy for the summer! 

Update 16/06

Hello girlies, 
quick update , so i'm still in my exams , so don't have a lot of time to blog or so 
so the updates are really easy and simple , but in a week , it's all over and i can finally start with experimenting with my new camera and make some awsome pictures for you guys ! <3 
one more week you girls!! 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Just gotta say that i love this

Gorgeous right? 

Thanks to you

Hello , i'm so happy cause my exam of math went really well !! so i hope that the rest will be as good! 
thank you for all your support and keep on wishing me luck !! 
thank you ! 

Monday, June 13, 2011

Wish me luck

Here are some of mine lush product if you aren't familiar with it , this is how it looks like 
i really hope that i can work there , let pray for me , o and also pray for me tomorrow! i have my math exam and it's gonna be hard , i know that!! 
wish me luck ! 

Lip scrub , two products for your skin ( against acne), lip balm, conditioner, shampoo and a lush tin

IT bag

Looking for a leather bag? 
i think they can add a pop of punk to your outfit ! i love them 
i have one from River Island, but i'm still looking for one with studs on the bottom , and a leather clutch so if you know a place where i can find one, let me now ! 

            all photo's are from

Sunday, June 12, 2011

One week can feel so long

Me ( when it was still good ! ) 
guess what i did today ?? yes you're right :) 

Saturday, June 11, 2011

what the lush....

Heloo, today i went to the lush and did my demo!!
so excited, i had so much fun , now thumb ups for me if you pray and hope for me that i will get the job!! 
please please please please !
now i'm gonna go to bed and sleep so i'm fresh for tomorrow, study math (jjeej) ( not) 
talk to you late <3

Friday, June 10, 2011

whaterer ya say

Some outfits that i have posted on this blog! 
Because i will definately post lot of outfits in two weeks , when my exams are done , i will have three months do expirement whit whaterver i like !!! 
cain't wait 
what about you guys ?? 

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Keep the smile on your face when it' goes down

Tomorrow i will have done 5 exams out of 13 ! woop woop 
still 8 to go ! :( but afterwards i will have finally 3 months of long schoolFREE vacation ! (let's hope that i don't have to redo my exam of year !! ) 
pray for me please ! 

Me taken by Evelien last sunday at the pool 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Two down , 11 more to go

today i had my first two oral exams, religion and chemistry! 
so two are already done, but i still have eleven more to go :( 
tomorrow i have economics , so pray for me that it will go well !!! 
this is also the reason that i won't be blogging a lot the next days cause i have to study and study! 

Sunday, June 5, 2011



What better to do on a summerday than study all day :)

Heloo, i saw this photo today on and i really adore her hair and lips! she soo gorgeous. you really have to to and there you will find the most gorgeous blogs! i really like angelica , mathilda, vicktoria and myblomquist. Go and check it out HERE 
now i'm off to look for some German texts that i have to study and bring to my oral exam :( 
kus ! 

Saturday, June 4, 2011

It times of need you have to find a way out ...

Hellooo ,
today it was sooo hot ! it was more than 30degrees i guess! 
but you don't hear me complaining :) 
so i studied the whole day , but in the evening i took a pause , and i went with my best friend to a restaurant and we had a nice  ice cream with the dogies , and afterwards we held a photoshoot with my Canon eos 550d ! tomorrow same old song , study study and study! 
what about you guys?