Saturday, April 30, 2011

Boho bohemian

I found this picture on tumblr and I LOVE her hair ! 
the flowers are so pretty in it ! 

Someone's watching over me

Helo ther , 
it's weekend again :) 
sorry but i have been so busy with school and stuff
Yesterday I went to my best friend with 5 other friends!
we planned to see a movie but ofcourse that didn't happen cause we had to tell sooo much to each other :) 
it was so much fun , i love them
and today i already went driving (AND i drove home today :)!!!) and i Lay in the SUN! 
tonight i'm gonna have a dinner with my family and grandparents 
enjoy the rest of your day! 

Thursday, April 28, 2011


My Prom Dress!!!!!! 
i finally got it , i think it is gorgeous (what do you think? ) 
I bought it at the P&C for 120 euros on a shopping day with my mom!
i will definately post a picture when i have it on later and ofcourse of the day that i have my prom
but that's gonna be at the end of June so it is still a bit away ! 
but now i'm gonna sit back and relax with the new episode of Gossip Girl ! 
 you know you love me 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Like candy

Helo lovelies! 
i'm exactly one and a half hour back from school 
tough day though! pff
but tomorrow it is only gonna be a half day wich is good but i still have to study for my math test ! 
but now i'm gonna go and eat some yummi belgian French fries :) 
bon appetite !

Btw i love this picture with the candy and bold colors!! 

White noise

My dress that i LOVE right now 
i found it at the Zara ! it is so gorgeous ! 
and at the back it is black :) 

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter , good times

As promised here are some pics of yesterday when i celebrated easter with my family at my grandmothers 
the last pictures is a photo of my garden ! 

When good things come to an end

NOOO my vacation is over! 
today was the last day of my school vacation, so tomorrow i have to go to school :( 
i'm so sad ! i really don't wanna go , i want to relax a few days more ! 
but yeah the only good thing is that i can see my friends back but for the rest there is nothing positive of school
and in one month my final exams begin :(
but after that i finally finished high school and i can enjoy three months of vacation and then start a new adventure at the University of Antwerp! 
if you guys still have vacation you are lucky bastards!! 


Nail polisch from O.P.I 

Sunday, April 24, 2011

When a good day ends

Eastern 2011 was great! I had an awsome day !
so as i said we went to celebrate it with the whole family , and afterwards my niece came by and we swom in our pool and i have a lot of amazing pictures which i will show tomorrow! 
i'm so happy right now! 
there is only one minus point tuesday school begins again , noooo!!! 
but after 2 months it already vacation again :) 

Dress Zara Evening Collection, Earrings from Accessorize , Double ring from Steve Madden

Happy eastern

A eastern day! 
always happy days! 
so today i'm gonna go to my grandmother where whole the family will be and i'm gonna search for chocalate eggs with my cousins and nieces and then we will have a big njammie yummie brunch! 
i will definately post some pictures later!
what are you gonna do on eastern? 
enjoy it 

Dress from Zara , ring from Steve Madden , Earrings from Accessorize, Make-up from Too faced Natural eye and the beautifull and bronze palette 

Saturday, April 23, 2011

When you're gone

Heloo there,
sorry i have been out for a day ! but it is still vacation so i had a sleepover with my best friends ( evelien and yordi!) and it was so much fun ,! and today i was out in the sun the whole day because the wether is amazing ! today it was about 26°C which is crazy for this time of the year in Belgium! 
now i'm off to a little barbecue i'm gonna have with my family ! 
enjoy your saturday night girls!! 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Feel it

Feel the spring baby! 

Black lace

Black metallic kinda looks like lace ! amazing combo right?
thats this shirt that I bought a few days ago at the Urban Outfitters
and it was only 18.99 euros because it is still midsales! 
so if you like this run to the Urban right now!! 

Love the way you lie

Hello lovelies! 
have been lying in the sun for like the whole day ! it was 25°c which was amazing
it feels like summer already! 
and it keeps on getting better , tomorrow it's gonna be about 27°c which is CRAZY ! 
are you enjoying the sun? 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Hello chicka's 
had the springfling today! so heres a picture that i think is really cute! 
love the flower! 
o and i got a haircut today ,i will show ya the results tomorrow! 


here's a little tip on how to clean your make-up brushes 
i got some from M.A.C and from Gosh (i really recommend these two brands!) 
and you need a Brush cleanser from M.A.C or another brand will also be good( but i like this one)
then the only other thing you need is a piece op paper , and then you just have do a little bit of the product on the paper and  swirl your brushes in cirkels on the paper , and after a while it will get clean! 
I do this about once a week so that i won't get dirty brushes on my face 
but when i use really intense colours i will clean it immediately ofcourse. 

O Steve

i'm back again, sorry i haven't posted anything the past 24 hours but first my dad took my loader of my laptop so i couldn't go on the computer, and then i had to go to the haidresser and my friends came by and we lay all day in the sun! :) 
which is very nice ofcourse , and it is gonna be warm for the whole week halleluja! 
and here is a peek of my new ring that i recently bought at a new store STEVE MADDEN! 
i adore him already 
what do ya think? 

Monday, April 18, 2011


The early morning


slept well , and now all awake for a beautifull springday to beging 
first on the list today is a walk with the dog and eat breakfast! Yum 
enjoy the morning


It was requested to post some more real life pictures so here are some pics from the barbecue i had with my family, really cosy! 
at one of the pics you can see my dog "Sloeber" she is a girl and she is a Golden Retriever 
I just love her ! 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Let's be crazy for once !!

Hello lovelies ! 
sunday -> check , tummie full, a liitle bit tanner and ready for relaxing in the couch with a nice movie 
but first let's be crazy and just have fun , it will make you smile ! 

Sweet Sweet lips

Mwah ! 

This is what makes me HAPPY

Preview from my closet ! 

Colour blocking

This new top i got from the Zara for only 25,99 euros , the fabric looks so expensive!
this is a really good colour for the spring trend colour blocking!
so look out for very flashy colours! 

Seal it with a kiss

SEXY plumed lips, wavy volumunous hair and strapless top 

Sexy VS

Hello lovelies! 
it's barbecue time again , such a good wetter! 
my grandparents and niece or here on a visit and we are having a blast. 
i will post pics later, and don't forget to enjoy the last hours of your weekend grirls! 
Btw I totally love this picture of Rosie Huntington ! she's just gorgeous don't ya think? 
VS is Sexy as HEll!! 

When the sun goes down on me

Just got back from driving lesson 3!
now i'm gonna sit in the garden and enjoy the sun! 
the sky is blue and the sun as yellow as it can be ! 
life is good

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Over lighted

I got some requests for a few pictures of my room so here they are !
I was trying out some effects with my new camera so that's why it is a little bit over lighted
but I like the outcome, and later i will post some pictures of my closet and stuff
got back from dinner with my family, it was yummie, 
now i'm gonna watch an episode of the Hills and go to sleep!
enjoy your saturday night!

Right now

Right Now i want this gorgeous hairstyle!!!! 
if you now how to do this let me know please! 
okay now i really have to go and clean up my room :) 

Make it right girl !

Just had dinner with my grandparents, now i'm gonna clean my room (it's really necesarry!) 
later i'm gonna have dinner with my family at a nice restaurant cause it's my sister's birthday!!! 

Tee from Zara Basics, Skirt (unknown from Lisbon), nailpolish "I sea you" from Catrice cosmetics 
picture taken by me with Canon Eos 550d  

Stuck in your own world

Back Save!!! 
i just went driving with my dad, and i can finally start with no problems jiha! 
don't you just love this hairstlyle it's amazing! i'm definately gonna try this and i will post a picture of it ! 
how is your day going? 

Drive till you get there

Hello everyone, Saturday , a good day for everyone! 
for me it isn't that much cause i have had already one week of vacation but still it is a nice day! 
cause i'm gonna drive again todat , now my dad is gonna learn me , so i hope it will go well! 
enjoy your weekend girls! 

Dress from Urban Outfitters , Earrings from Six 

Friday, April 15, 2011

All night long

and party all night long guys!!!

Till the world ends

Soo today I went to Antwerp with my mom to buy a dress for my prom (end of June) 
this is not the one that i have found , i will post a picture of it later (it's amazing) 
but i had a really nice day 
i bought my prom dress, sandals from STEVE MADDEN (omg) , a double ring from Steve Madden , a tunic from Urban Outfitters and another tee from Vero Moda! 
now i'm gonna clean up my room, take a shower and relax with a movie 
have an awsome friday night!!! 

Dress from Urban Outfitters(Silence+Noise) 25.00euros
 Canon Eos 550d