Monday, January 16, 2012


Hello lovelies, 
Recently i got a new LBD, it's one of THE essential pieces that every girl should own in their closet! 
I got this one at the H&M and it has kind of a leather material at the top , but you can't really tell on the pictures cause they are really unsharp but i needed to post something so i had to use my bad camera but i will be posting more pictures taken by my canon eos 550d soon ,so look out for that!
The dress was 39.99 euros O and I forgot about the shoes :) I got these black wedges from Shoefashionista from it really and I LOVE them , they are black and have two zippers, one gold one which is fake and the other one is black and you can use this one! 
So if you are interested be sure to check 

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