Sunday, July 8, 2012

Massimo Dutti

Hello loves,
My first blogpost in a looong time , so I have some to talk about ;) 
First I wanted to tell you that I only have 1 exam that I have to do again in the summer
which is AWSOME!! 
Whate have I been doing lately?? 
Well I have worked this whole week at the Vero Moda, which is a clothing store in Antwerp.
And meeting up with friends, going out and lots of fun stuff! 
Next week I will go sales shopping a lot , so I can show a lot of new outfits! 
O and a friend and I have booked our flight to Madrid next sunday!! 
We are gonna stay at a hostel which I recommend a lot if you are young! 

Now on the fashion part,
I'm wearing my new top that I got from Massimo Dutti , which is normally more expensive
but it was 50% of so I got it for 19.95 euros.
And then the SHOES ! these are from Supertrash and I love them!

See you tomorrow