Monday, May 30, 2011

Bad can hopefully turn Good

Hello sweeties, how was your monday , mine was exhausting and bad !! 
i was in school from 8.25 ( in the mornint) till 17.30 !!! and i was home at 18.15!! 
Is that bad or bad ?? it was awfull! but yeah mine defense of my paper wasn't that good but yeah 
we will see what come from it i guess! 
now i'm finally relaxing in my bed watching some stuff! 
tomorrow it is gonna be the OFFICIAL start of my diet!!! now i'm gonna update on it every 2 days! 
talk to ya tomorrow! 

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Confused can be good

Hello sweeties
studied all day long , and took a shower that's what i did today hah! 
now i'm letting my hair dry and just searching on tumblr and some blogs! 
tomorrow it's gonna be a stressy day , grammar exam of English and German and i have to defend my paper of math!!!! HELP  ! 
wish me luck! I will need it! 

Saturday, May 28, 2011

23.30 Update

Helloo girlies , 
a quick update for you guys , thursday i went to the lush meeting as you all know,
and it was a lot of fun, but i don't think i will get it because there were 10 other girls and 1 guy and then the will cut a few people and then the ones who go through have to stand for one day in the store ( but i think it's gonna be right in the middle of my exam :( ) and then they have to chose. sooo...
for the rest yesterday evening i went to the movies with my sister and neigbour girl , we watched The pries! Good movie , and today i studied the whole day and at 5 o clock i went to my grandpa who's in the hospital now and then had dinner with my grandmother, sister and niece, and then we watched The house bunny hah :) 
now  as i'm typing this my eyes are closing so i will go to bed and get a goodnight sleep! 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Stress no good...

OMG  tomorrow it is the day ! 
i have to go to the meeting and present myself , and then the people from lush will decide if the want to hire me or not for the month of July!! 
stressy stressy! 
wish me luck tomorrow at 19.00 tumbs up!!! 

btw i love this dress and hair of the girl in the picture

New goals for good !

This was how skinny i was before , and now i have not been that skinny hah 
just because i love food to much , but tomorrow i'm gonna start with a detoxation
and i"m gonna cut all the bad food out ofmy life,
but do not forget to still eat 3 times a day !! really important , just do not eat any bad food like fried stuff or cookies and all that good stuff! 
start  thursday 26/05 
deadline 27/06 ( promnight !!! )

Monday, May 23, 2011


i'm gonna try to master this hairdo tomorrow ! 
and i will try to take a picture of it 


okay today i really failed!! 
you know that i said that i was going to watch on what i eat ,but i couldn't stay away from the njummie cookies! grr why do they have to be so yummie hah 
but yeah so tomorrow i'm officially gonna start , and then i have 5 weeks to lose some pounds before my prom ! wish me luck! 
picture taken by me with canon eos 550d 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Me ....

I made this"poster" because on thursday i have to present myself for a vacation job at LUSH ! 
do you ike it? 
would you hire me ? :) 


Please help me to stay strong

the titlle is all what i ask right now, that i will stay strong for the next few weeks 
first reason : for my final exams ( let me succeed and stay focused) 
second reason: to give me my confidence back by letting me stay strong with my diet! 

dress from one girl 

Party all your life

Two of my best friends!! 
first left : tine and second right: evelien 
love them, tis picture was taken last summer at the desire (night club ) 
we had a blast 
this is how life should be every second of the day! 

Saturday, May 21, 2011


last night i went with my best friend to the movies for her birthday , and first we had a nice dinner at a very good restaurant! we saw the new pirates : pirates of the carribean : on strangers tide 
and it was sooo good and the mermaids were soo gorgeous especially syrena : the picture above is her ! 
go and watch the movie in your theater girls !! 

Brown beauty

Warm nice lovely beautifull happy saterday!!! 
why do you have to come to an end? :) 
it was soo nice out today 24°C the whole day , so I decided to study outside instead of inside
cause with this weather i do NOT want to be inside 
and i also took a driving lesson again today with my daddy ! 
tomorrow i'm gonna do this again and then study study study!! 
have a lovely saterday evening girls ! 

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fresh face, fresh start

had a normal school day today , but i had to study biology and that wasn't so nice, 
but the good thing is that i got my book from Lauren Conrad STYLE , beautifull book!!! 
you shoukd definately get it , and i will post some pictures of it later 
now i'm gonna refresh my face, moisturize my body and take a good night sleep 
sweet dreams ! 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

When the feeling come back

Some pictures of my room ! 
i took these photos cause we have to make an artwork for the theme home so i chose to do photography and take close-ups of my room , and then i was thinking about displaying it like a movie , cause  i love movies ! 
so i made a black cader around the photos , i will definately show you the final result
as for now i'm sooo happy cause the sun is back AND i got a mail from the LUSH store in antwerp, if i wanted to go to a job interview for working there in the month of july!!!! 
i hope i get it ! 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The right outfit makes a girls day

Here's a litlle outfit of the day for you guys 
this is what i'm gonna wear tomorrow to a visit at the coca cola compony :)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Crazy in white

Hello loves , 
today i had kind of a bad day , because of the wether and school and stuff , and i have a feeling that tomorrow is gonna be the same :( but wednesday it is gonna be 22°C again !! 
and that for the rest of the week and in the weekend even 26°C !!! woop woop 
here i have a collage of me in white :) i love this colour at the moment 

white top from Zara basics, white T-shirt from Vero Moda , ring from kruidvat , earrings from kruidvat, blue nailpolish from essence 


Sunday, May 15, 2011

This calafornia kings

love everything in this photo 
her hair, clothes, style, tan , face, ... 

Smile as much as you can

helloo !! 
long time no blog :) 
sorry for that , but i have been busy with all kinds of stuff, but now i'm gonna try to update more 
and i'm officialy gonna start with my diet again , so tomorrow is the start!! and i will check up every week 
here is a picture of me from yesterday evening ! before i went to the party , 
i hope i will get to see the photo's of the party , we will see 
enjoy the rest of your sunday evening! 

A goodnight kiss

Back from the suprise party!
friends of my best gay friend threw a suprise party for him , and it was so much fun!! 
he even cried when he came in  sooo sweet
we talked, laughed, ate , drunk and sat around a fire !
spring night !
now i'm gonna curl up in my bed and sleep ! 
Sweet dreams 

Friday, May 6, 2011

You gotta pull the triger...

Helloo ! 
soory that i' benn gone for a while, but you know what SCHOOl school school ! 
but now it's the beginning of the weekend :)
HERE in belgium it is soo hot these days, today it was 26°C and tomorrow it's gonna be 29°C 
but i like it a lot cause i looove summer, so here are some nice pics , the first one is me ! 
hope you like it! 
o and btw i'm gonna start my healty journey from tomorrow back !! 

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Red touch

Hello there !! 
school was bwaah and tomorrow back another day but it is a half day which is good! 
now i'm soo in love with tumbl it's like an obsession ( the link you can find in my last post and on the right! ) 
but now i'm gonna watch gossip girl or 90210

Monday, May 2, 2011

Old school, new tea

tonight i'm gonna wash my face, redo my nails , relax , watch a movie 
tomorrow i'm gonna be in school for 8 hours and study maths ! 
it better stays tonight :) 

If you could chose one thing ...

parts of my room 

Open minded

i really wanna have a t-shirt or dress with an open back like in the picture 
it's gorgeous don't you think? 

Sweeter than a Kiss

Helo , 
back from school! really boring day that i had today but yeah i guess all mondays are when you are in high school :) now i'm checking my tumblr :  
and i have to study for a test of Dutch 
so i will be busy for school but maybe i will post something about make-up later on the night 

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Dream on B.

One going down down

Dress Love! 
Still alive from driving! after that i have been lying in the sun studying German and Dutch 
and now i really have to right an essay for dutch but i really don't feel like doing it 

Lips stain from Benefit 

Go untill you get there

Daring outfit right? 
but i do like it actually :) 
now i'm gonna go and have another driving lesson with my daddy ! 
see ya later 

Olsen twins

Love this picture 

A 1 mai Kiss

enjoy the first day of THE beautifull month MAI! 
nice blue sky and bright sun 
what else do u want ?