Monday, January 23, 2012

Sugar Challenge??

Hello lovelies, 
This is a picture that I took during last summer, and look how healty and thin I looked, 
now I feel not that energetic and "alive" as then if you know what I mean and I really want to feel that way again ! 
SO I have decided to start my Journey to a healthy lifestyle ! 
And this time i'm gonna stick to it, cause I know that we ( women) can make a lot of excuses up to still eat that delicious cookie that is screaming our names ! :) 
It's really time to make it happen ! 
So this week we start with a SUGARFREE week , so from today till next tuesday NO sugar and ofcourse all the other bad food , like fastfood, ... 
and then next week I will add a next challenge for you and me ! 
 Comment in the commentsection and we will conquer the cookies togheter! 
So are you in ??

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