Friday, June 14, 2013


   Hello loves ,  
Here's a fun collage of some pics That i took from instagram
Most of THE outfits you can rond on my blog :) 
How was Your week. ? 
I'm still in my exams but i'll try to keep you updated :) 
Love xxxxx

Thursday, June 13, 2013

White Rose Esther

Hello my loves,
I just had to share this beautifull collection with you.
Since I started watching chloe morello on Youtube I have been in love with this online-clothing store
called Esther Boutique. 
The clothes are just soooo beautifull and have a lot of quality. 
I have already ordered from them once in the past, and I had a great experience with them.
So I rreeeaaly recommend you should just go to the site and start shopping :) ! 
The price range is a little bit more expensive then normal but there are still some affordable pieces.
But with the quality and the stylish clothes, you wont regret it. 
If you wanna see the dress i bought from Esther, go to my previous post. 
I also bought some leather pants and a sweather.
I will definately do an oufit post of that later. 
O and one more tip If you want the perfect leather leggings/pants then you should definately check them out because they have tons of different ones on the site.