Wednesday, March 30, 2011


LOVE  is ... 
to celebrate togheter, ... 
today it was my mom's 50th birthday, yes she is becoming old haha 
so we went out and had a nice dinner 
tomorrow back to school from 8.20 till 4.00 
long long day 
hope you all had a great afternoon 
love from lynn 

Monday, March 28, 2011

Yet another day

Hay , today was just another monday , had school from 8.20-4.00
tomorrow its the same song :( 
i'm so longing for the weekend to come 
friday i have a party and in the weekend i have to finish my paper (aargh!)
Wish me luck 
now i'm gonna dry my hair and then watch an episode of the city and then off to my yummie bed! 
Sleep well 

Sunday, March 27, 2011


these chocalate brown sandal wedges are hopefully going to be mine
i spotted these babies online at Zara 
please let them still be there next next wednesday! 


Wishlist April 

  • Hat
  • White skirt Zara 
  • Halter top zara 
  • Bag from zara with chains 
  • Bag H&M
  • Summer tops
  • Gala Dress 
  • Bandeau bikini H&M 
  • Earrings H&M


Still searching for the perfect hat
look how cute rosie (vs angel) is , gorgeous outfit
wanna have it ! 
on my wishlist!! 


today was the perfect spring day! the sun, blue sky, sunday!! 
the party yesterday was fun, maybe i will post some pics later but my friend has them
today i just studied outside for my maths exam and other test. but it was ok because of the beautifull
enjoy of tha last hours of the weekend 
kiss kiss 

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ready for the night to come

hello guys ,
i'm ready to go out (18th birthday of friend) 
so we are going to celebrate that :) 
talk to you in the morning 
kiss kiss 

Back to rehab

i'm back from the little school trip, that's why i have been so MIA lately 
it was so much fun and i'm so relaxed , loved it 
now back on track with school, have to study for a math exam for monday :( 
but tonight i'm gonna party because it's my best friends 18th birthday !!! 
what are you gonna do ?? 
have a good weekend,
kiss kiss 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Yes , You can

Kant van free peolpe 
summer can't wait for it , now i have to go and start with maths ! 
xoxo lynn 

Who says

Hey, woke up on this lazy sunday ,sleeping late but good
the party yesterday was really a flop haha but yeah i had a good time 
today i ate to much (again) and just watching an epsisode of Pretty little liars (love this show)
but now i really have to start studying for my maths test for thursday so i have some time left
tomorrow i'm gonna leave for 3days for a religious trip with my class (i'm really curious how it's gonna go) 
but then i won't be able to post a blogpost , but i'm going to try figuring out how to forprogram a post
if you know how to let me know please
tnx and have an awsome sunday girls ! 
xoxo lynn 

tee Diesel, pants H&M , shoes New Look 

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Play, love , work

quick update, had an amazing day , went to the university of antwerp and saw a lot of good things
so i decided and next year i'm gonna study TEW on the university (it's like business school in america) 
and now i'm gonna party! 
one of my friend's friend is throwing a party so i'm also intvited jippie! 
have fun 
xoxo lynn 

Friday, March 18, 2011

Just the way you are

Hello bella ,
had a day off today, so first i slept out , put on a mask and took a walk with the dog :) 
then i worked on my paper of mathematics (primenumbers) yep very interesting haha NOT
and today i rocked the messy bun , really easy to do , just make a bun , pull it a little looser and pull out some strands, then just take a flower to finish it up ! 
have a awsome weekend girls! have funnn!!
xoxo lynn 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Little black suit

VS is one of my favourite youtube video's to watch , they are so gorgeous and great inspiration if you are on a diet haha ! 
just watch it , and be jealous :) 
xoxo Lynn  

Cause baby your are a firework

 Hi guys, 
something is really weird with the quality of the pictures when i put them in the original size it is to big and it won't fit in my blog , but then the quality is good, but when i put it in a smaller size the quality isn't that good, weird !!
today i had a bwaah day , four hours of school and then studied for maths test and made english homework 
(had to write a letter of recommondation haha) 
BUT tomorrow is the last day of school for this week cause i have a day off friday yess! 
i'm not gonna do something special , just stay home and work on my papers ppff
now i'm reading some of these magazines ( love them) and tomorrow i'm gonna pull off this amazing new shoes , wedges from New Look , love them. (i already had to change them because they were a size to big but now they fit well) 
what about you? 
see ya later 
XOXO Lynn 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Decorate to love

Hi , sorry for the late post , but i have been very busy today, had school from 8.20-4.00 so very long , and then i had tos study for economy test and made my maths homework. this is the very first moment that i'm free:)
so i told you that i bought a bird jewellery from Urban Outfitters and here it is decorated wiht my jewels
pretty right? 
how was your day ? 
xoxo Lynn 

Monday, March 14, 2011


dress unknown , shoes H&M 

*I was playing with the lighting so that's why 

Free People

Gotta love the clothes right ?
Free People Spring Lookbook 2011

I just came to say hello

Have already been an hour home from school, got a good day at school, we only had lik 1 real lesson , the ohter hours we had a reading test or presentation or a play so that was nice

but I wanted to show you guys a part of my closet, favourite shoes on the shelve and a heart mirror from Urban Outfitters , perfume from Nina Ricci and a make-up palette from Costal sense 
what else do you want? 
how was your day? 
xoxo lynn 

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Smile for the papparazi

i have been making pictures like a papparazi now i have my new camera
my family already find me irritating haha 
but i just love excperimenting with it , you will get a lot of more pictures now 
enjoy your sunday night 
i'm gonna lay down and watch some tv now 

Gotta love the shoes

shoes from H&M 
I saw these on the blog of and i knew i had to have them
so friday i picked these lovelies up in antwerp for only 19.95 euros! 
love lynn 

New inspiration , if the other one doesn't work

isn't she gorgeous , my new role model 
i have been eating a lot again lately , so starting tomorrow i'm gonna lose weight again 
come with me on this journey if you want , now i weigh 62kg and i'm going for the 55kg 
so that means losing 7kg ,! 
so no cookies, only healthy food njammie 
i'm gonna use weight watchers it worked for me in the past so 
wish me luck!! 

Whatever she loves

Heloo there , sleep well? 
i did, sunday i have a love/hate relationship with this day, it's the perfect day to rest
but you also know that monday is going to come 
school will begin again , nooo!! 
but first i have a picture of all the stuff i love style by Lauren Conrad 
and my favourite perfume DAISY by Marc Jacobs 
love <3

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Taken by THE canon eos 550d

me taken by me 

Got it

I got the Canon Eos 550 d ! 
just went to the store with my dad, and after a long debate i decided to get it 
i got the photo kit , that means i got a kit that existed out the canon eos 550d body , the EF 18-55IS lens , the EF55-250 IS, loader, strap and softwere all in one!! 
i really recommend this kit! 
can't wait to share new pictures with you , it will be amazing quality! 
new blog alert , Matilda gorgeous girl 

photography is like a passion

my new baby , i'm going to get him very soon i hope, 
now i'm gonna go to the saturn/mediamarkt to look for the prizes, exiting! 
wish me luck !

Thursday, March 10, 2011



must have LBD !! 

When something works out

i did it today! didn't eat anything bad at all , what about you guys?
it was a quit day , just went for a walk with the dog and watching some videos on youtube
btw you can check me out on youtube :
but tomorrow i'm going to Antwerp and buy my babies that i showed you yesterday
now i'm gonna read a book for my english class it's called "The curious incident of the dog in the night-time
better be good!!
talk to ya later , enjoy of the rest of the day
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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Must have 1

River Island Grade Crepe Wedge Ankle Boots 
from the site but there are from the brand River Island
I need to have these for sure !!!
tomorrow i'm going to the city so hope for me that they have them in stock! 
xoxo lynn  

Wet and wild

Hello there, ok day 3 and i already messed up; i ate a lote of junk today!
but i said to myself that tomorrow it's gonna be over and out! i'm gonna stop stop stop !
i will post every day on how  i did , here is already an inspirational picture , Bregje Heinen, gorgeous holland topmodel! the trend of this photoshoot was wet and wild , here it is :

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bird jewellery

Pretty rigth 
from Urban Outfitter now 20euro 
must buy !! 

When a tuesday becomes a good day

Hello there,
Just went for a walk with the dog in the beautifull sun, it's just gorgeous out today !
and now i'm sitting here writing this blog with a mask on my face and just watched pretty little liars (awsome show) AND at half 1 i'm going to go to antwerp shopping! jeej yesterday i made my list of must-haves
i dicsvorverd that i really need some tees that or white or pastel coloured cause i only have dark ones (bad)
and i really need a new skirt or blazer type thing! and of course a new pair of fake leather pants!
so i will show you what i bought tomorrow
have an awsome tuesday guys!

Earrings from accesorize , tee from H&M 

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Start of a new projetc , right now!

Hi guys , so I told you about my plan of doig things , well i didn't followed it today haha i just had my little craving and i'm so mad at myself ! but it's going to change ! tomorrow i'm going to start with weight watchers again -! I did it before and it worked perfectly! so if you wanna join me ! let me know

I went to the movies today and saw black swan , it was a goog movie , but a litlle bit scary sometimes :)
but i loved Mila Kunis in it , she's so gorgeous ! i couldn't stop staring at her , so here is a picture of her
she is going to be my inspiration for this project !
wish me luck !!!
kisses and hugs

Sunday , let's begin

Hi guys!
I just woke-up on this beautifull sunday , sun is shining outside and i can see the sun going through the curtains
Today i'm going to take a shower and then heading to Antwerp cause i'm going to the movies with my friend
Black Swan here i come ! i can't wait to see Mila Kunis play this role !
Now i'm off to eat breakfast ( fruit salad and special K ) jumm
see ya later

nail polish Catrice cosmetics , earring Pull and Bear, bracelet SIX, top H&M

Saturday, March 5, 2011


sorry had to put this in a post from bogovin
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If music is the food of love, play on.

sorry for the late update , bu i have been so busy with school and stuff, actually i haven't but i'm really not doing that well lately , i have been eating bad again lately and doing nothing ike a whole day ! 
so i'm going to change it and i'm going to start tomorrow! 
will you help me stick with it ,? 

my goals are :
       - eat healty (no craving!)
             -eat a lot of fruit and veggies
-drink water (1 a 2l)
                                 -work on paper ( for economic an math:( ) 
                     -search for a job in for the summer

and that's about it ! if you wanna join me or wanna have some tips on how to do this then let me now !

here is already a boost picture : LOVE 

enjoy the rest of your saterday night girls!