Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bring it on

Some outfits of Februari ! 
March is finally coming  which means spring comes next :) 
DO you got a favourite ??

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Challenge - It's all about fit

Love yourself
Hello loves
Today I decided to start a Challenge for myself and for you if you want to like to join me 
I have noticed that I really haven't been fit and healthy anymore and I'm sick of feeling like this and saying all the time to myself that I will start tomorrow or the next day and so on. 
So now it is the time for me to really start. 
It isn't really about losing weight ( I'm not gonna lie and say that it isn't about that cause ofcourse I do want that a little cause I have gain a few ) But the main goal is to generally feel fitter and healthy!
So that's why I start tomorrow!
1. Get a board and set stripes for each day 
2. Do a little work-out every day 
3. Do a longer work-out every 3 days ( 2times a week) 
4. Cut out all candy and fastfood ( only 1 cheeting a week :p ) 
5. Eat minimum 1 piece of fruit a day 

So that or the 5rules for now 
are you in with me ?? 

Ps: here's a very good channel where you can find a lot of motivation and good quick/short work-outs :

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Look- Espagne

Here's the full look!
It reminds me of Spain, cause the top is loose and kinda looks like the typical spanish dresses.
I love to wear this top loose over the shoulder to give it more a "sexy look". 
O and if you are looking for shoes that kinda give you some extra height and are really confy 
Then these are the perfect shoes for it ! 
I got them from H&M and I love them , you can wear them in the spring/summer during the day or at night when you go out!
So much love for wedges. 
Do you like it ? 

Give in to me

Hello loves,
Yesterday I saw a lovely movie with my family , Countrystrong. 
It is such a beautifull movie with good acting and amazing songs.
I loved it! 
Here are some preview pics of my Outfit that I will post later , 
But now I have to walk the dog and go to the driving lessons center to make an appointment
for some lessons, aaah exciting ! 

Top from Urban Outfitters, Bracelet from Lifestyle, Earrings from Aldo 

Dog love

Hello loves,
Little recap of what I've been doing this week :) 
Going to school , went out with friends, and walking my lovie dog ( who you can see in the picture!)
I love her so much , she is a cutie! 
O and last weekend I ordered the bag that I showed you , but last night they send me an e-amail, telling me that they are out of stock and I will have to wait a month!!! A full month!! :( 
pff But I'm gonna wait for it cause I love it sooo much! 
Now I'm gonna take off and make a video and some pics for you girls!! 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Need some more ?

Hello loves
Here are some inspirational pictures from my own jewellery collection.
As you can tell I love accessoiries, Every time I go shopping I will see something that I need to have !
I just love adding it to an outfit! 
And GOLD is my favourite :) 
Today I'm home ! Don't have any classes but I do have to study for a selftest that we have to do for management and organisation so I guess I will get to it now! 
Talk to you later ! 

Monday, February 20, 2012

Look- Peaches

Black outfit with a pop of colour, perfect for the beginning "spring" time 
Cardigan from Zara, Top from Only, Pants from Zara, Bag from River Islang, cuff from H&M 
Heels from Sac d'Anvers 
Do you like it ? 

Let it loose

Goodmorning Loves,
Today it's gonna be a hard day! I have school from 8.30-18.00 but I have a break of 3 and a half hour so that makes up for it, I will have to go pick up a book that I need for the uni and then I'm gonna take a look in the zara to look for my pumps! 
Hope you all have a wonderfull monday!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Like it ?

Do you like the new header? 

Let's get a little wet

Hello loves,
I'm addicted to a new show called remodelled , I just watched the first two episodes and I love it.
I have always been kinda obsessed with models/model agencies and I love ANTM and all the other shows with models! Big love for it 
O and I asked a good friend of mine to order the bag that I posted earlier so I'm gonna get it woopwoop
So excited, although I will have to wait 1 week or more for it , but yeah it is worth it. 
Now I'm gonna watch another episode and then I'm going to a good friend and catch up a bit.
See ya later


Some inspiration from 

New in : Bikini

Hello loves,
Last week  I bought a new bikini top , cause I was in the H&M and I saw this and I really liked the top.
So I decided to buy it, since I never find a cute bikini when it is actually  summer.
So now I do not have to worry about it anymore and I'm already ready for the summer :) 
Do you like it ? 

Bikini top from H&M for 12.95 euros

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Details ...

Hello loves,
Here are some details from my day and a previous outfit.
Today I didn't do much, I filmed some vid's for my channel and made some photos and worked on my blog, then I walked the dog and just stayed in.
I promised myself that tomorrow I'm gonna start studying again , cause I will need to. 
Tonight I'm gonna take a shower and watch a movie : it is gonna be This means war :) 
Yesterday I watched Jumping the broom and it was a really good movie, I cried a lot :p 
Now it's time for dinner 
I hope you all have an awsome saturday night. 

Look- Nicole Scherzinger Inspired

Hello lovelies,
Lately I have been obsessed with Nicole scherzinger cause I think she is really talented, gorgeous and has an amzing sense of style! I love her looks and outfits.
So I decided to do a nicole inspired look. 
I looked up some pictures and noticed that she wears a lot of leather. 
She combines it with some more feminine pieces and then edge it out with something leather.
I love it!
What do you think of my take on her style? 

Top from New Look, Skirt from Stravardious, Shoes from Shoefashionista, Cuff , Clutch from H&M

Friday, February 17, 2012

Did you ace it ?

OOOH I'm soo Happy
I passed on 5 of the 6 exams! 
I had a stupid 9/20 for economics which is really annoying but yeah we will have to catch it up in the summer hopefully , but I'm so happy that I passed for Accountancy and mathematics and the other 3 exams, a lot of my fellow students had it worser so I'm happy that I only got 1. 
But I still have 10 more exams coming up in June , so I guess I will start studying! 
How did all your exams/test go ?? 


Nude Pumps with platform from the ZARA! 
I love them, I have been looking for some nude pumps for a while now and I finally found a pair that I really like and I think that these ones are gonna be very confy cause the heel is a little bit thicker. 
So next time I go to the Zara I'm gonna look for them and try it and then they are gonna be Mine!!! :)
AND then there is this bag ooooo I'm in love with this ! 
I found it at this site where they have so many cute stuff! 
you really have to check it out. 
I really wanna buy this bag, it's the perfect summer/ school bag 
Need it in my life :) 
What do you think? 


Hello lovelies, 
I'm sooo sorry that i've been away for a bit, but I just started at the uni again,
and it has been a crazy busy week! 
I never had so many classes :( We even had on thursday from 8.30-20.00 with only one and a half hour break!Ö 
So happy that it is weekend ! 
Here you can see a close-up to two of the things that I got from London that I'm really excited about. 
Clutch from Aldo and bracelet from Topshop 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Whatever you like

Hello lovelies,
Here are some details to begin my sunday morning with. 
It's my last day of "vacation" :( tomorrow back to the uni. 
But it is the first time after a vacation that I do not really mind it , I think it is because I love going to the university , it is sooo different from High school , so If you are in High school right now and you really do not like it. Then trust me , It will be so much better at college or university. 
You can choose who you hang out with, have a lot more freedom and so much more. 
So it will get better! :) 
Hope you all have a lovely sunday.

Earrings from Aldo, Snake bracelet  and Ring from Topshop


Hello lovelies,
I had a very nice saturday today, I went with my grandparents to Breda and we shopped a bit.
I finally got my hands on a good foundation , Make up forever HD 118, I asked the lady to apply it and get the best shade for my skin, even my grandmother ended up trying it to and bought it :p 
I also got some new Dvd's and a good hair mask from Kerastase which i'm very excited to use it tomorrow. 
Hope you all had a wonderful saturday , Sweet dreams

Ps: Do you want me to do a tutorial on the ponytail from Nicole scherzinger? 
Let me know ! 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Look- snake

Hello lovelies,
Here's a look of the day! 
I could not wait to wear this snake bracelet cause I love it sooo much. 
So i decided to wear it inside and show it to you guys. 
You gotta do what you gotta do when it is winter right? :p 
In this collage you can see also my new earring and clutch from Aldo and my ring. 
What do you think of the outfit? 
Today i'm going shopping with my grandparents , so I will maybe show some more new stuff tomorrow! 
Have a nice weekend. 

Friday, February 10, 2012


Hello lovelies, 
Here you can already see 3 jewellery pieces that I got from London.
I love the snake bracelet, it is especially made to put it around your upper arm which I was looking for already a long time! 
The ring and earrings I also got in Londen . 
The ring and the bracelet are from Topshop/topman/Miss selfridges and the earrings are from Aldo.
If you have the chance to check the stores out, I would say GO for IT! 
Do you like it ?? 

London- Fashion

Hello lovelies,
Here's are some pictures that I took from a few stores or stuff that I really liked.
Like those shoes from The River Island I really wanted to get, but they were a little bit to expensive;
O and when we went to Covent Garden there was a HUGE store filled with shoes which is the Dream of every shoeholic! 
It was an amazing and gorgeous store!
If you want to see what I bought in London then you can check my London Haul out on my channel
right here. ( It will be up in a few hours)
More pics will come later! 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

London - Black&White

Hello lovelies,
Guess who's back from London!!
It was so much fun! I really wanna go back , it is such an amazing city and all the people are so nice there and everywhere you look , you see something amazing!
We shopped a lot but we also did a lot of sightseeing which was also really nice. 
I will definatelly show you guys later some pictures of what I bought and some other pictures.
These are all the pictures I took in black&white on my camera, cause I think you can take some really gorgeous pictures from London in black&white.
Hope you guys enjoy the pics!
Sweet dreams