Friday, January 13, 2012

If you don't try, you'll never know

Hi girls,
I just wanted to say i'm sorry that I haven't posted any blogpost and pictures but that's cause i have been really busy and i know that's alwyas the excuse of bloggers and gurus and all that, but it really is, cause it takes some time to first decide what to post , put a oufit or some togheter and take photos and then put them on the computer, maybe edit and then post them.
(okay if i write it like this it really doesn't sound that difficult LOL)
But it does take some time, and now i'm really busy with my exams. Cause as some of you may know I started my first year at the university (studying applied economics) so it has been very heavy! During my christmas break i had to study for two weeks, every single day and last friday i had my first exam, so now i still have 5 to go ( till january 30) so still 3 weeks to go! Wish me luck
But if you want to hear and see a little bit from me I have prefilmed some video's on youtube so you can check my channel out if you want  Here
and i will try to regulary post some more on my blog starting today !
But when my exams are over i will definately get back cause i really have missed blogging cause it is also an inspirational and relaxing thing for me ..
Hope you all keep on supporting and thank you so much for sticking with me !

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