Sunday, February 26, 2012

Challenge - It's all about fit

Love yourself
Hello loves
Today I decided to start a Challenge for myself and for you if you want to like to join me 
I have noticed that I really haven't been fit and healthy anymore and I'm sick of feeling like this and saying all the time to myself that I will start tomorrow or the next day and so on. 
So now it is the time for me to really start. 
It isn't really about losing weight ( I'm not gonna lie and say that it isn't about that cause ofcourse I do want that a little cause I have gain a few ) But the main goal is to generally feel fitter and healthy!
So that's why I start tomorrow!
1. Get a board and set stripes for each day 
2. Do a little work-out every day 
3. Do a longer work-out every 3 days ( 2times a week) 
4. Cut out all candy and fastfood ( only 1 cheeting a week :p ) 
5. Eat minimum 1 piece of fruit a day 

So that or the 5rules for now 
are you in with me ?? 

Ps: here's a very good channel where you can find a lot of motivation and good quick/short work-outs :

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