Friday, August 12, 2011

It happens when you least expect it

Heloo lovelies!! 
I was really suprised when i woke up this morning and checked my mails! 
I got a lot of positive feedback from so many of you guys and it means the world to me! 
I'm already blogging from like in february and i didn't had any followers but since i discovered the site I got a lot of subscribers and it just amazing! 
So i just wanted to thank each one of you for following my blog and please keep on commenting and supporting! and if you have any questions i would be honoured to help you guys! 
Above you can see some picutres of things that I love like , red Lips , Lauren conrad and Daisy by Marc Jacobs, that perfume is just amazing ! 
I hope you all enjoy your day !! 


  1. the lauren conrad books look really nice:) i love inspirering posts like this :)

  2. they are reaallyyy good! you should definatelly read them :)