Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer goal(s)

Hello girls, 
so this is kinda of a different post cause i'm gonna tell you guys a goal that i really want to achieve , so last summer i decided to get more healtier and i did , and because of that i also lost a lot of weight , which was very nice to of course BUT the main thing that i noticed was that i was a lot happier and actif then before and then now, cause starting the winter i got a little out of control and ate unhealty and now i still do ! 
So now i really want to put an end to that and start tomorrow! 
so i 'm gonna try to eat a lot more healtier and a good way to control your eating habits is by writing down after every meal what you have ate that meal ! and it really works ! and i'm gonna use weight watcher cause it really helped me last time so i hope it will help me now to ! and i will do an update every monday with how much i've lost and if i already feel better and stuf!! so it is gonna be update monday ! 
so that is one of my biggest summer goal ! 
the other one is to go on a vacation with my friends to spain or something and one of my other goals is exercice very frequent ! 
wish me luck !!! 

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