Saturday, June 25, 2011


New bag and earring 
the clutch isn't actual a clutch it is more a wallet , but i'm gonna use it as a clutch for my prom , so excited
i have taken some pictures this morning of me in my prom dress ,with shoes and clutch , but do not mind the hair and the face please cause that wasn't done yer :) 
i will post them later on tonight and also some pictures of the awsome barbecue i had last night
first we thought it was gonna be so bad ( the weather) but then it was a blue sky and the sun came out (so hott) we stayed outside till 2 o'clock ( at nighttime) and then later me and 2 friends went to my place and saw Tangled and then we went to sleep at 4.30 :) and now i'm just back from a nice dinner with my grandparents ,sister and niece! so fun summertime is , awsome ! 
do you enjoy the summer ? 

Clutch from River Island, Earrings from New Look 

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