Saturday, May 28, 2011

23.30 Update

Helloo girlies , 
a quick update for you guys , thursday i went to the lush meeting as you all know,
and it was a lot of fun, but i don't think i will get it because there were 10 other girls and 1 guy and then the will cut a few people and then the ones who go through have to stand for one day in the store ( but i think it's gonna be right in the middle of my exam :( ) and then they have to chose. sooo...
for the rest yesterday evening i went to the movies with my sister and neigbour girl , we watched The pries! Good movie , and today i studied the whole day and at 5 o clock i went to my grandpa who's in the hospital now and then had dinner with my grandmother, sister and niece, and then we watched The house bunny hah :) 
now  as i'm typing this my eyes are closing so i will go to bed and get a goodnight sleep! 

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