Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cause baby your are a firework

 Hi guys, 
something is really weird with the quality of the pictures when i put them in the original size it is to big and it won't fit in my blog , but then the quality is good, but when i put it in a smaller size the quality isn't that good, weird !!
today i had a bwaah day , four hours of school and then studied for maths test and made english homework 
(had to write a letter of recommondation haha) 
BUT tomorrow is the last day of school for this week cause i have a day off friday yess! 
i'm not gonna do something special , just stay home and work on my papers ppff
now i'm reading some of these magazines ( love them) and tomorrow i'm gonna pull off this amazing new shoes , wedges from New Look , love them. (i already had to change them because they were a size to big but now they fit well) 
what about you? 
see ya later